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Is M1991A1 SS Govt as reliable as carbon steel model

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Reliability is the most important thing to me. Will the stainless steel function as reliable as the bluse carbon steel model? Thnkss.
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Nope. Most people report that they typically turn to dust in their hands after 500 rounds.

Yes, they are just as reliable. Reports of unreliability come from tightly fitted guns. Only vice with stainless steel is it has greater friction than carbon steel, so it isn't wise to tighten the slide/frame fit on a custom gun.

D. Kamm
USGI M1911/M1911A1 Pistols Website

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Thats what happened to mine, shot 490 was ok
and the next clip to 497
then WHAM
500...the sumbitch dissapeared.

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The stainless version should be every bit as reliable as the carbon steel version. But remember - just because it's stainless doesn't mean you don't have to maintain it just as carefully as a carbon steel gun.

By the way, Cal, pay absolutely no attention to dsk and ujt. They only think their stainless guns turned to dust. What really happened was that Capt. Kirk ordered Scotty to beam those guns directly into my safe where they'll receive the attention they deserve!:p-TR
Mine has been tightened and runs fine. I'm not shooting it anymore. As it has 499 through it. Usually after a range session, I just wipe the external reciever/slide. With the towel used to hold the weapon parts during cleaning. And it holds its ugly luster. Ugly meaning solid and seemingly infinite. This one is only about 4 1/2 years old. So I don't know about the older ones. And usually with 45 autos the problems with ftf are a week recoil spring. And fte a week recoil spring or, mag cracked or deformed or, worn extractor or, bla(I just threw up, sorry).
Originally posted by Redzone:
I'm not shooting it anymore. As it has 499 through it.
AWWW, c'mon Redzone. Shoot that 500th round. I really need another good stainless in my safe!
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