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Some years ago, I read an article
which claimed there was a difference
between hardball and hollowpoint
magazine followers.
According to the article, the traditional
gov model split follower was designed to
feed hardball and the solid (non split)
follower was designed for hollowpoint.
I've shot all kinds of rounds in all
kinds of magazines and have never noticed
a problem.
Is this claim true or not?

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That sounds a little crazy. The follower should only contact the side of the round and push up up against the 'lips' of the magazine. The 'lips' determine the angle of the bullet going into battery. The slide picks up the bullet that then impacts the ramp and is pushed into battery. Hence, I don't see where the follower should make a difference for ball or hollowpoint.

Of course, maybe I have missed something or just don't have any mags old enough to worry about for the issue?

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Now that I think about it, I've
seen similar references twice.
Just found one of them....

"The Gun Digest Book of Combat
Handgunnery" by Jack Lewis and
Jack Mitchell

On page 92 there is a photo of two magazines.
The one on the left is a Wilson/Rogers-(solid
On the right is a split feed ramp style.

The caption reads: "Magazine on left has contoured feed lips to assist in feeding
different types of ammunition."

Another reference I've read is more specific
in identifying the split feed ramp style as
a "hardball" style ramp.

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