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Is there a full d.i.y. 1911 kit?

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I’ve just started down the Gunsmithing rabbit hole, got the itch you might say.
I’ve found a few component suppliers and will be researching their products while working on a budget for a concealed carry custom 1911.
When I built my first AR, there was no shortage of full build kits, you supply the lower and they supply every part, screw, and spring to make your rifle. Is there such a thing in the 1911 world? For a very first project it’s sort of nice to have the full roadmap, less chance of non-compatible or unsuitable parts.

My other option would be to start with a positively reviewed production pistol and modify till my hearts content.
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I’m working on my first 1911 build. I have worked on guns for decades but wanted to build my own pistol so I could learn the 1911 from the ground up. I chose 1911parts.com. Mike, the owner, has been very helpful in putting the parts together. He has everything needed and all very high quality. I received the parts last week and I’m really happy with the quality and availability. I chose a short block where the slide was fitted to the frame and the barrel was fitted. My next build I will fit the slide and barrel but I wanted an easier build for my first build. I have invested in a lot of tooling, jigs, and tools all of which will will allow me to build / rebuild 1911s going forward.

I also purchased the AGI 1911 videos and Kuhnhausens books To give me a good education on the processes and parts needed. Gene at AGI is a great teacher that I have known for decades. You don’t just need parts, you need the knowledge to put them together.

im building a 1911 Government in 10mm. It is cheaper to buy a fully assembled gun but I wanted to build a “custom” pistol with self chosen parts. Thus far I I am pleased with my results and the support Mike has offered.
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1911parts.com is also known as Thunder Mountain Custom
Get a Brownells catalogue. They have everything you will need (and some you won’t) in the catalogue but seemingly always out of stock on line. I just went through the same process over the last two months. I have everything I need (and some I don’t) and now putting parts together. When done, I will have a truly custom Government 1911 in 10mm. Finished, sighted, and built by my for me. I have spent a lot of money, and will spend a lot of time, could have bought one for a lot less, but it will be a precious gun for me.

I sure hope it goes bang.
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