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Is there a full d.i.y. 1911 kit?

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I’ve just started down the Gunsmithing rabbit hole, got the itch you might say.
I’ve found a few component suppliers and will be researching their products while working on a budget for a concealed carry custom 1911.
When I built my first AR, there was no shortage of full build kits, you supply the lower and they supply every part, screw, and spring to make your rifle. Is there such a thing in the 1911 world? For a very first project it’s sort of nice to have the full roadmap, less chance of non-compatible or unsuitable parts.

My other option would be to start with a positively reviewed production pistol and modify till my hearts content.
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Ok, lots of good info here. Thanks all.
Kuhnhausen Vol 1 is my current nightstand book and will be studied for a while before the first parts/kit is ordered. I’ve got the AGI site bookmarked as well, love me some online courses.
Budget list:
Commander (Springfield Ronin) or Govt (Kimber LW) for concealed carry. (What got me in this mess)
More tools.
Probably a Tisas Tanker or similar as a sacrificial test platform.
AGI 1911 courses.
Full build from component parts.
Ok, with all the info here, and more from reading a bit in Kuhnhausen…I definitely think modifying a bog standard govt would be a better starting point for me. Learn to clean up a trigger and adding a beaver tail to an existing pistol does sound like a better learning curve than diving into a pile of parts I’ve no experience with.
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