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It followed me home!

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After staring at me with a sad drooping cylinder it finally followed me home yesterday. Hopefully will get to the range in the morning for a workout!! Wiley Clapp SP-101.
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I am not enamored with the Wiley Clapp thing, well except for maybe that Carryhawk or the Talo 44 Special GP 100, , however, there is not a Ruger wheel gun that is made that is not a valuable tool. I am not a Ruger nut, I collect Smith and Wessons. I think there are only 8 Ruger handguns in my safe.

You will enjoy that guy. I debated long and hard between it and the 3 inch model 60 SW which is also 357, and went with the SW. That 3 inch barrel will get you 1200 fps with 158 grain bullets, over 500 ft pds. Not shabby.

With an IWB holster you will never know it is there. Enjoy.
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