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On my way to Minnesota I stopped at a gun dealer that is about 40 miles north of where I live. I walked in and saw an XS Commander and thought wow, nicEpiece to bad it wasn't a lightweight (tag not marked lw). Even though I would like one, the LW is the gun I hoped one day to own but figured that it would never happen.(OH SO HARD TO FIND, NEVER EVEN SAW ONE WHILE THEY WERE IN PRODUCTION) as long as I was there I thought that I might as well fondle it, when the guy handed it to me and I thought uh-oh, this doesn't feel like a steel frame, crap this IS a LW!!!! No way I could leave without it going home with me! I payed thru the nose for it, $910.00 out the door but "OH WELL"! I now have it and it is unfired in the box. HEHEHEHE, What an outstanding piece, don't know if I will sleep tonight or not HAHA!

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