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Jamming Wilson Mag

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What makes a "Wilson" Mag fail to feed religiously on every 5th round fired? The round doesn't get scooped from off the follower, just pushed foward about 1/4 inch.

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Possibly a "dead" spot in the mag spring. You may have a weak coil somewhere in the spring.

Also, check the inside of the mag tube for any burrs or roughness that the follower may be catching on as it moves upwards.
One of the reasons you paid that much for a Wilson Mag is customer service. Send it back with an explanation and in 1-3 weeks they will send you a new mag.

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Both of the answers are very correct...

You may also want to inspect the mag body for a "squished" spot, but my guess is the spring.

The Upside, Wilson is very good about replacing them, just give them a call...
Thanks guys, I'll break it down now and see. After reading the posts about Power mags, maybe I should have go them instead. Mec Gar hasn't failed yet!
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