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What is the best way to keep my UC from jamming when I load it with FMJHP rounds? What can be done to the gun or magazine to make the feed smoother? I use the original Kimber mag and a 7-round Chip McCormick and they both hesitate on feeding.
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Just a thought, make sure you aren't limp wristing your hold and allowing the pistol to rotate like a revolver. Limp wristing will cause all sorts of feeding and jamming problems, especially with a small .45.

Was your pistol jamming on just JHP ammo, or was it also jamming on FMJ ammo, and can you describe the jam? Also, if it is just JHP ammo, which brands of ammo, and is your pistol new, or have you shot it a lot?

You mentioned that your pistol hesitates on feeding, is that with every round or just when the magazine is full? As Sam pointed out small .45s can be tempermental, even more tempermental than a full size since the slide travel is reduced. So the more information you can give us, the more we will be able to help you.


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It is very smooth with the standard FMJ ammo and only hesitates with the HP ammo. The HP I have tried is the Hydroshock. The gun is fairly new-has has about 500 rounds thru it. I would describe the "jam" as a round hanging up just before it enters the chamber.
Depends on what kind of jam...I'm guessing that it's failing to eject. poligh the breach, polish the extractor, lighten the extractor tention, run lots of good ammo through it. Feed jams..polish the chamber, feed ramp, and throating on barrel, and with a fail to feed...dont assume it's the gun (if it only happens while manually cycling).
Second that recommendation to throw the stock magazine away. I found my Pro Carry jamming unless 7 round Wilson's were used. Good Luck
I say try different mags also. I have never had a problem with the factory mag, or Wilsons. Chip McCormicks would fail exactly the way you've explained. AND only with Hydra-Shoks. I shot 200 rnds of hardball and two mags full of HShoks today with Wilson mags, not a single problem.

I hope it works for you as well. Nothing beats a simple fix!
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