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Jarret model

My two cents.. I have been shooting a Kimber for most of this year in both IDPA/USPSA every weekend. I started researching a new double stack option that would fit both IDPA/USPSA, and the Para fit the budget. I did a cost compairison between buying a stock gun, adding modifications (including gunsmithing charges) and just buying the Dawson. Dawson came out less expensive by around $200.00 when I included a trigger job (must have with a Para). I ordred the Dawson, complete with a 2.5# trigger, Koeing low mass hammer. I am extremly pleased with this gun, with Dawson Precision, and with the customer service that Dawson has provided. Keep in mind that part of the Dawson tuning includes fitting the new bushing, installing a steel mag release button (factory Para is plastic), tuning ejector, tuning extractor, tuning trigger, installing mag well and new sight and cutting my chamber to accept 1.200" OAL .40S&W loads.

DP customer service has been so good (Paul at x-206), I ordered all my holsters, mag carries, mags, ect from them. I will also be building an open gun next year that will most likely have DP logo on the slide.

Hope this helps.
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