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Jim, is the DCM Hardballer hammer and grip safety available for sale separately?

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I was looking through Baer's parts catalog (printed and web site), and I couldn't find a listing for the traditional 1911 hammer as featured on Baer's DCM Hardballer model or for the traditional grip safety (flat backstrap with no beavertail).

Are these components available from Baer separately? If so, is there a particular catalog number? What are the prices?

I know you can get these parts anywhere, but I'd rather get them from Baer (since I was considering replacing the supplied beavertail on my Baer with the traditional design).

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Ivanhoe , Yes the parts you want are available for sale. We don't sell a whole lot of them so they're not in the catalog. I would think that the hammer would retail for around the same price as the commander style one that we use.Just give us a call at 309-658-2716 for prices.

Jim Budde
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