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I did okay in terms of shooting. My 1991 didn't give me any problems and none were expected, though I was a bit concerned because I noted that my rear sight was loose in the dovetail just the day before I had to leave. I tightened it down and accuracy was fine.

If you get the chance to work with Premier Protective Services in Charlotte, and Mark Elmo in particular, you won't be sorry. This was my second time through their class and it was just as thorough as I had expected. Mark's a character, just don't make any Sesame Street jokes. :D

D&L Sports, of 74, is a really nice indoor range and has a good selection of stuff in the store, esp reloading gear. I really, really liked their range and would love to see something like it in Greenville.

What did I learn? First, I need new glasses. I can't seem to see the B27 at 25yd while focusing on the front sight and had to "shoot blind". Pulled a couple of shots out of the 8-ring and dropped my score from an expected 100% to 96% in the day-fire course.

Also need to bring that pistol up into my cone of vision when shooting at 3yd. You can shoot accurately at close range if you bend your arm at a 90* angle, but that is blind shooting and requires a lot of training.....and there's no telling what you'll really see when things go bump in the night. This was my only problem with Mark's teaching; he believes that you should fire from a bent-arm position even though the target is standing still at 3yd's distance because that badguy could just as easily be charging you. My take on the situ is that the target, in reality, is standing nine feet away and should be treated as such. If that badguy was charging me, my heartrate is probably going to go over 175bpm and tunnel vision will be a factor (as well as auditory exclusion and sphincter malfunction), thereby eliminating the posibility of peripheral sighting of the weapon (i.e., seeing that the pistol is fixed in the right direction out of the corner of your eye).

Ayoob talked about this in one of his articles and it made sense. This COF only proved it to me. This was a job-related recert and a failure meant big trouble for me a work. In a combat situation, that imaginary charging badguy would have been on top of me as I cleared leather so sighting wouldn't be needed. You would literally only have time to bend your arm, sticking the muzzle in his gut.

At 9', on a static target that you could just as easily imagine was a guy talking smack as he reached for a pistol in his waistband, I have 2 seconds to draw and fire two rounds. As much as I shoot, I still had to walk my rounds in and a lot of the novices were failing because they just didn't have the muscle-memory to work their pistols correctly. When they went to a straight-arm, target overlap, gross sight picture, they were able to keep rounds in the eight ring.

Which technique is better for the situation experienced then and there?

Overall, I had a great time and was very flattered when they asked me to stand in as a tutor/instructor instead of shooting the revolver night course. I'd love to go back next year for another round and might have to take some time to go up there on my own dime.

Thanks for listening.
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