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Just bought a Delta Gold Cup 10mm

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I just bought a SSDelta Gold Cup 10mm in excellent condition for $800.00.
I was woundering if there is anything differnt from your standard 1911 that I need to do in order to take care of this gun?

Also where is a good place to buy some fairly clean 10mm ammo?

Thanks for your help..
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As long as you go for factory ammo the pistol should last forever. Factory ammo is so weak (like 40S&W, S&W actually stands for Short & Weak, not Smith & Wesson) that it really doesn´t make this fantastic handgun justice.
I had a blued Delta Gold Cup for a few years and used it for both bullseye and the Magnum field competitions we have over here in Sweden. The latter includes targets at up to 200 meters (220+ yds) and the Goldie had no trouble putting six shots in a man size target at that range. I used Nosler 135gr and 180gr lead but the lead bullets tend to fill the barrel with residue.
I consider the 10mm to be one of the best rounds ever invented an if it hadn´t been for those old ladies at the FBI who couldn´t bear with the somewhat snappy recoil of the round (when loaded to its full potential) its future might have been brighter.
When it comes to factory rounds the Normas are great for bullseye. I tried some Federal as well but I can´t remember how they were.
The 10mm will do anything the 40 can, only faster, bigger, heavier, more accurate, more brutal etc, etc. And at lower preassures!
I consider the factory sights to be crap. I didn´t want to mill down the slide for BoMars so I bought Millets but that is far from perfect. Better than the original though. The Millets are made for the 45 GC and doesn´t fit right away but it can be done.
I fitted a Wilson beavertail also that really does some use considering the recoil.
The guy who bought it from me had a Briley 9mm barrel installed and it worked perfectly (9mm ammo is 1/5 of the price for 10mm here).
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