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Just got a Combat Commander!

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Folks, I have to share this one. I just traded my Kimber Classic for this old Colt Combat Commander. DSK is going to be kind enough to post the pics here. A friend of mine bought this Colt new, he's fired it 5 times since he bought it. I couldn't resist. I took it out back. Pop can, 10 yards... dead center. I love this lil' darlin'! Any idea how old it might be? He said he got it 25 years ago or so.


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Looks like jaydee didn't want us playing on the Gen D playground and told us to go play over here instead.

Nice piece. Blue pre-80 Commanders seem to be quite rare, as I hardly ever see them. My suggestion is to leave it as-is, altering it only with drop-in parts so as to preserve its resale value.

My guess is it was made late 70's-early 80's.

D. Kamm
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that is a gorgeous pistol. makes me think of my lwt commander that i'll have next week. i am going to leave mine as original as possible...it's also a 70 series. i'll try and get some pics up when i get it and learn how to post pics. get some nice ajax pearl grips and maybe we can be twins. haha. glad to hear you like it, and happy shooting!

I think you made a good trade. If I can see the serial number correctly, your serial number is 70BS28XXX. From my Colt's Dates of Manufacture book, your new pistol was made sometime in 1975.

I agree with the recommendations to to leave it stock. Enjoy it.


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I think you did good, real good. I have long been a fan of the Colt Commander. The only thing I would change is to get rid of the Pachmayer grips, and replace them with some good wood.
You made a good deal! None of the copies come close to the real thing as far as I am concerned. My advice.. Keep in stock, don't hack it up and it will appreciate in value. If you ever want to sell it, let me know :)
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