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I was finally able to pick up my 1991 yesterday and that means today was range day. Went by the club after work to see how she would do.

Love it.

This baby came to me with some custom work already done (ugly rubber msh, mag release, FLGR, bushing, both safeties and trigger) so I wasn't sure just what to expect.

When locked up, she's tight as a drum. Almost no movement in the muzzle, nothing in the hood, very tight compared to my SA. Sights aren't that great, but they're better than the mil-spec.

Mirror-polished flats and bead-blasted rounds sure makes a pretty piece. For safety reasons, the first four mags held only two rounds each. The weapon cycled just fine.

Saw that the first two shots were left of center, but only by 2". Getting used to the weapon and moving a lot of lead showed that this gun just likes to shoot left of the bullseye. No harm there.

After a 50-round string, I pulled the targets and try to score them. Not possible. While there were a few fliers (I burned up some company-supplied reloads to warm up), the center of the group was just shot out. With the fliers, the groups measured about 8". Just the main group was closer to 5" (I was moving around to put holes in virgin paper).

Overall, this is the most accurate 1911 I've handled. I only experienced one failure to go into battery and I attribute that to out of spec ammo (reloads!). Approximately 200 rounds fired in two hours and only one burp. Not bad.

For $500, I got a lot of gun. Now all I have to do is figure out what I'm going to replace the sights, grips, guiderod, and grip safety with.

I'm happy.

When reason fails...
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