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Just placed my order for the SR1911 Commander!

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It was a hard decision between the Ruger and the Colt Combat Commander. I think in the long run the Ruger just had more features that I liked. I didn’t get much response on here about my comparison between the two but I did on another forum and that helped me make my decision. I went for the all steel version instead of the lightweight. The only thing I regret is it’s stainless and not blued like the Colt. But I’m happy with my choice. I ordered it from Palmetto State Armory since I have a local one. I can’t wait to get it.
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Got a full sized target model ruger 1911. 9 mm still getting the kinks out of it. It jams some. I am thinking it will work it out with some ammo through it.
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Possibly discontinued??? I've purchased mine around six or seven years ago.
You won’t be disappointed in your decision.
I have Ruger CMD in 45ACP & 9mm. Have only used round nose ammo, never any problems. Typically, I shoot 300 rounds each range trip; several thousand rounds by now.
One of my favorite shooters is a .45 CMD. I also have a Colt Lightweight Commander. The Colt is the better gun but the extra weight of the CMD make it easier on the shooter. The Colt will handle some ammo the Ruger Chokes on.
I also have a Ruger LW Commander .45 on order.
A FN poly-pistol I had on consignment sale at a LGS finally sold, so putting those funds towards the Ruger.
Have owned a Colt Combat Commander SS .45 for many years and it has given great service - but, damn it, can't quite figure out why it has gotten heavier in the last 4-5 years. What's up with that?? :sneaky:

I'll keep the Colt anyway - got it from a very good friend who died last year.
Looking forward to seeing how the Ruger LW does - I've never owned any of their M1911's, but have heard about 99% good reviews.
Love my CMD, but admittedly it's been a while since I shot it. Did have a problem with the front sights shearing off under fire (twice), but Ruger has since resolved these issues with the brittle factory sight. After the second breakage, they installed a fiber optic one instead and it's been fine ever since.

Just out of curiosity, how much are these going for in the local shops these days? I think I paid about $650 for mine back in 2018/2019 as it was much, much cheaper and more available than the Colt.
Last year they were close to or at $1000. Local place has them in stock now for $849.
Last year they were close to or at $1000. Local place has them in stock now for $849.
Two different shops in my area have them for $989. When I bought my Bul commander, it was in the case beside a Ruger LW 45. The Bul was $120 less.
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