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Just Purchased New Gold Cup Trophy SS

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Well, after debating on which 1911 to buy I purchased several, one of them being a Colt Gold Cup Trophy SS. I disassembled it and cleaned it in preparation of going to the range tomorrow and will post my results.

Can't wait for the range to open tomorrow... I feel like those shoppers in the Mervyn's commercials where it's midnight (or some un-godly hour) and they are looking in the store windows chanting "open, open, open".

I'm already thinking that I'd like another Colt but just can't decide which one.

I'm getting an ambi-safety and perhaps a S&A magwell like I got on my Springfield V16 Longslide and 9mm loaded.

Any other suggestions that I may want to consider for the Gold Cup?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I am looking at grips but haven't decided on anything yet. I'll also take a look at the current grip safety compared to others and see if I like it or not.

Shot the gun today at the range and it was flawless and extremely accurate. I was looking to buy a second Colt (Commander) but I don't know if I'll be happy with anything other than the Gold Cup. I just love this gun!!
I agree. I've decided not to have any work done on this gun. I may buy a second one just to fool with but this one is staying as is. I may change grips but that's it for now.
Actually, Bullet Trap didn't have a stainless Gold Cup Trophy anymore (I thought at 1 time they may have had two of them). Additionally, they are one of the higher priced shops and give the absolute lowest trades. I recently got a quote from them on purchasing a Colt but had a couple of guns to trade. They offered to give me $425 total for the two trades. I went to a different dealer and got $660 for the trades even though I purchased a lower priced gun! I always know what the trades are worth prior to negotiating. Of course the guys at BT always preface their quote by asking if I'm ready to be insulted...ha ha!! Why I occasionally go through the drill with them is anyones guess.

B&S Guns sells the GCT also Schramms Guns & Ammo. I personally buy from Jeff (Schramm) unless he just doesn't sell what I'm looking for. I then go to Doc Avery or Bachman.

Jeff actually gave me a better price (by $50) on the GCT than B&S Guns but I had a couple of guns to trade and while Jeff usually takes my trades he just didn't need what I wanted to trade this time. So I purchased the GCT SS from B&S Guns who gave me a fair trade in price. I don't particularly like B&S Guns and had recently sworn never to buy anything from them. But I didn't want to wait until the Dallas gun show to sell my "trades" and then buy the GCT so I caved in and purchased from B&S.

I am seriously thinking about another GCT (to customize some and keep my other one stock). I WILL purchase this from Jeff without a doubt because I just don't have anything left to trade. All of my current guns are "keepers".

Anyway, good luck if you decide on one. In the Dallas area, don't pay over $895 for the SS GCT. Like I said, I can get mine for $849 but that's because I purchase a lot of guns from Jeff. If you know of a less expensive place let me know.
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