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Just shot the Inagural 1911 Single Stack at LGC, impressions.........

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There were five courses setup and five different upper end 1911 single stacks for competitiors to use. The guns were two Springfields, a Kimber Ultra Match, a Nowlin "Super Match"?? and a Caspian. Regular IPSC style shooting, good amount of steel/paper mix. Well run though, congrats to Livingston Gun Club and Patrick Sweeny on the smooth match.

For me the ranking of the guns was;
1)Nowlin, simply perfect!
2)Kimber Super Match, slightly heavier trigger than Nowlin.
3)Springfield Professional Model (not sure??)
equal to Kimber, finicky with mags.
4)Caspian, stainless gun, real finicky with mags.
5)Springfield Loaded (not sure??)blecch!

I will have dreams of the trigger in the Nowlin, WOW!!
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Just go to the Livingston Gun Club website for all your answers and Patrick's email address:
The match is on Sunday, April 29. The shooting starts at ten, show up at nine to be assured of starting at ten, You may register as late as noon for an afternoon squad. Cost is $20.
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