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Kart E-Z Fit

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Has anyone fitted one of these barrels to their gun? If no other mods were made, what was the improvement in accuracy? Do the barrels have a "tight" (match) chamber? Has the gun become more ammo sensitive as a result? Do Les Baer guns come with these barrels, as I've heard?
I'm building a carry/IDPA gun on a Colt M1991A1, and am somewhat indecisive about the barrel. Because I'm enjoying the project, and like to work on it, I'm inclined to install an aftermarket barrel as part of the project. I don't really need "match" accuracy, so I'm wondering if the Kart barrel is really what I want? I have a Schuemann "pre-fit" in my other Colt, and am very satisfied with it; the gun feeds everything, and the barrel fit is better than stock. Baer guns seem to have a good reputation for both accuracy and reliability, so if they are using the Kart barrel, then that's a good sign I'm not giving up anything to get top-shelf accuracy. Whaddya think?
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Rick B,
I can only answer your question in part. Yes, Baer pistols do come with Kart Match barrels. They do have an excellent reputation for accuracy. Any pistol that can be made to shoot 1.5" groups at 50 yds is mighty accurate.

Hi RickB, the Kart is a very accurate barrel and so is the Schuemann, you will have a tough time measuring the differents. You will get a closer fit on the Kart because it is oversize and you will have to fit and they do have good instructions. It will be a good learning project for you. Personally I'd good Kart,

The chambers are probably on the minumin side, that's on the tight side which I don't like. I run a slightly oversize reamer in all my chamber. I don't beleive a tight chamber will buy you any accuracy and will hurt you in funtion.

Metal Smith

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Hi Rick,
For your stated purpose, I just don't think you need a match barrel. If you want a barrel that fits better than what you have, get a Storm Lake from Brownell's. It's a "pre-fit" which means you'll have to do litle or no fitting. I've installed several of them for customers with very little fitting and and they've all been very happy with the barrel, and the price. AND, they come with a pre-fit bushing as well.
Hi Rick, Bob's right, Storm Lake does make a nice very accurate barrel and reasonablly priced. The Kart has 2 fitting pads in the 1st upper lug and you will have to fit the rear hood.
Metal Smith
I saw an article in one of the gun rags that tested some of the different makers. All were 5 inch type barrels shooting the same ammo. Results were that the KART Barrels were about 40 fps faster than any of the other barrels.

Hey Mark. I read that article and it's no doubt true...but only for those particular barrels on that particular day. Today would probably be totally different...not that it matters. It was a well done article and test though.
I fit a Kart to a Springfield that was a total dog. Prior to fitting I was getting 7 shot, 5 inch groups from the Ransom Rest at 50 feet.

After fitting the Kart the groups went down to 3/4" at 50 feet with 7 shot groups. This was with factory Fiocchi 230 grain hardball.

My stock barrel was VERY poorly fit by Springfield and had made 2 trips back to the factory with no improvement at all so I took matters into my own hands.

The fitting was very easy. The rear of the hood needed slight metal removal and the two pads on the lugs I barely touched.

I am VERY happy with the improvement. My brass is now reloadable, I get dead center primer strikes, and I can even use any mag at all with it. 200 rounds of hardball with no ftfs or ftes with my Wilson, McCormick, Metalform, and Colt mags.

It was a 1000% improvement. It turned the Frankengun from hell into a real shooter.

I haven't experimented yet with different bullet types. That is the next step. I used the factory hardball to insure proper functioning and to gage the accuracy improvement.

I will be loading some SWCs and others to check them out in the coming weeks.

Two thumbs up to the Kart.

The Kart comes with a prefit bushing as well. I did not use it with my accuracy tests because the OD is oversized. I was so anxious to test I didn't have the OD turned down. If that improves the accuracy even more I will actually start to love the Frankengun!

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I just got one on ebay, with fitting kit, for $110 delivered. I'm not sure I'll put it in the '91, though. The accuracy requirement is such that I'll probably go with a pre-fit in the Colt, and save the Kart for another project. Thanks for the comments
You got a smokin' deal on that E-Z fit barrel. They are very easy to install and you would greatly benefit by the experience. The only problem I see is that you HAVE to ream the chamber on Fred's barrels. I tried to get away with out doing that and the barrel would not feed reliably. We fit 18 of Fred's gunsmith barrels in my college class and every one worked great. We had to adjust the throat also to get the little 1/32nd jump you need, but I didn't have to do that with the easy fit because the hood was very close.Time is money with me so I like the easy fit barrel. I have used a lot of them and think they are the best. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.I have a gunsmith Kart in my carry Commander because I like to have the very best.

Was it the EZ Fit that needed reaming, or the Kart's match barrel?
Hey Dave,

The EZ Fit IS a match barrel. It's just the fit is a bit different than we're used to.
Kart markets a "Match" barrel and the E-Z Fit barrel.

NRA Life Member
Bob, et al:
Do you find that the Kart EZ Fit bbls are less durable because the upper lugs engage primarily on the EZ Fit pads rather than a greater area of the lugs?

Lacking a lathe, what would be a good alternative for turning down the OD of the included bushing?

Thanks in advance.
Actually, when I fit a regular Kart match barrel, the way I fit the top first lug is like haveing the "mounds" there and I don't believe wear will be a problem with either system. There is very little friction-type wear at that point, and not a whole lot of pressure either, if the slide stop is done right.
Sometimes I'll do a "triangle" fit on the top lug and even that seems to wear a long, long time. These methods are a far cry from what we did 40 or 50 years ago and I do believe they're better...although we did build some great shooters with our cave-man technique.

On the barrel bushing fit. With no lathe, you could make a mandrel to hold it from inside and spin it with a drill press while using an abrasive wrapped on a file to turn it with, or a file, or a diamond hone, or whatever you figure will work. The area between the locking lug and the face of the bushing will require some ingenuity on your part to take it down without marking the lug or the bushing face. There several ways to do it but I'll leave that to your imagination ...unless some of the other guys give you some good ideas.
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I know what Kart barrels are. Yes, I ran a chamber reamer in the E-Z fit like I did the gunsmith fits. I also ran a reamer in an Ed Brown Bull barrel. I like the chamber I get with the reamer I have and my guns HAVE to run!I think it is a good policy to have a standard chamber for every gun you build. Please remember that I have been building Custom Caspians for almost 20 years and I do very little work on stock 1911's. I rarely install stuff in factory guns because that has always seemed like a waste of time for me. I don't do any work on 80 series Colts. I don't do any work on stainless steel 1911's The only work I do now is for old clients who won't let me be a couch potatoe.Most of that is taking care of new stuff they have aquired and needs to run. My customers have always been people who make a living packin' iron. The" games people "left me cold. I did a little of that but quickly left the world of yuppies with guns. I have sen too many Junk guns new in the box to want to do that kind of work. I love you guys for what you do, but it's not my game. regardless of what you think of me, I'm trying to help you. That's all. I just don't have time to be subtle or crafty or impress you with my vast knowledge. My guns work. That's where I stand.
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