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Kart EZ Fit Results

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First I want to thank those who gave me advise. I have attached a picture that shows a one inch 10-shot group from 25 yard shot from a Ransom Rest that I shot today. It was not the best group, but the only one I could save when I was done.

Yesterday the gun was a little tight, and it would only shoot one load reasonably well. I carefully sanded a little from the pads as I was advised, and what a difference. Every load shot great today. The groups seemed to shrink as I shot.

It is a very neat project if anyone is thinking of giving it a try.



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Most impressive!

I was thinking about the same, but do to lack-O-funds - I decided to fit a new stainless bushing to my Stainless Springfield. It was a chore, but appears to have made a difference! My groups will never be as nice as yours, but I'm hoping to make an improvement...

Happy shooting...

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The Kart ez fit works as advertised. I shot a five-shot group, offhand, at fifteen yards, with all shots touching.
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