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Kart Vs BarSto

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I am working on building a custom 45 and was wondering whose barrel the pros chose? I had planed on using a barsto but then a freind tried to talk me into kart. What should i do?
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You can`t go wrong with either barrel. I`ve used both over the years in the guns that I`ve built. I`ve had good luck with both brands.. The most important thing is the fitting of the barrel. So don`t lose any sleep over your decision.
David www.santurriltd.com
Kart is a better choice if you shoot a lot of lead. For some reason, Kart barrels are especially good with lead (non-jacketed) bullets.

Either way, though, you can't go wrong.

Billy Ray
Ditto the comments on fit. Fit is far more important than brand "a" or "b".

I prefer the Kart simply because its a carbon steel barrel.
Hi boris baenuf, I wrote this link awhile back and cut and pasted it for you. Below is the whole link, Metal Smith
Shane's coments are on target. Here's what I can tell you about barrels and accuracy in 45 acp from Mike Curtis of Curtis Custom Shop (Mike currently took a job with the BATF and is now out of business) Mike is retired Marine Corp and built bullseye guns for the Marksmenship team. His guns dominated Camp Perry while he was at the marksmenship unit, his pistols dominated Camp Perry in the decade of the 90's in his retirement. I know of no one who has fired more ammo through machine barrel test fictures then Mike Curtis. Before Mike builds a gun he tests the barrel in barrel test ficture for accuracy then Ransom Rest pistol when complete. Mike will fit exactly 2 barrels in his bullseye guns, Kart or Bar-Sto. He will tell you that the Kart will shoot lead wad cutter better than the Bar-Sto, but the Bar-Sto will shoot the lead just as good after about 500 rounds of ball.He prefers the Bar-Sto barrel for ball ammo, Kart for lead. Both barrels are excellent I don't think you can go wrong with either barrel. Kart barrels are forged, Bar-Sto's I believe are machined from bar stock. There is nothing stronger than hammered forged steel that I know of. It is heated and pounded, the grain structure is denser and kind of swirled like a knot in a tree where the bar stock is rather straight. I think I would stick with a forged barrel. I think Heinie barrels are Storm Lake. I'm not sure if they are forged or bar stock. I have seen some very accurate Storm Lake barrels shot from test fictures but they didn't seem to shoot the ball well enough for Mike's standards. Awhile back ago in American Handgunner Charles Petty tested many barrels from old military, Colt, ECM, etc..... at the end of the testing he found the accuracy in all the barrels was statistically insignificant but the Kart was the most accurate and demensionally uniform, Bar-sto was also at the top of the list. I have examined Mike Curtis's barrel fit work first hand in the white and finished product, nobody fits a barrel better than Mike Curtis bar none. Someone may be able to equal the quality of his work in barrel fit but not surpass. Anybody that knows Mike Curtis knows that I know of what I speak. Hope this helps out, Metalsmith

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Thank you all for the help. The gun will be for IDPA and i will be shoting 200gr swc lead. So the Kart sounds like the winner if by only a hair.
Very good replies! I happen to shoot 200 gr. SWC bullets in my Springfield, with a Bar-Sto barrel. One-holer's all the time! If ANY barrel shoots better than a Bar-Sto, that's got to be something wondrous. And clean-up is a couple of patches of Break-Free. No bruss is necessary.
It's a shame that Mike Curtis is wasting his talents on the BATF now. I've seen some of his pistols and they really are superb.
Does Kart have a web site? Sam
I like Fred Kart barrels alot. I have used them for 18 years now and have yet to have a problem with several hundred installed. I am going to try the "Easy Fit" ones and have three on the way. If anyone read my earlier comments,disregard. I love all 1911 smiths. 6 years ago I taught a class at Yavapai College how to build a 1911 from parts and we fitted 18 Kart barrels without a problem.

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Welcome to the fray Dave...


I Like The Shade Too!
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