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dsk said:
But the mystique of the Calackamas-marked Kimbers is growing, so if the pistol in question is like-new and unaltered it's probably worth more than an equivalent new Series II Kimber.
If the pistol in question is like-new and unaltered, it is DEFINETLY worth more than an "equivalent" new Series II Kimber. The Series II Custom will NEVER be "equivalent" to an early Clackamas Classic Custom!

More than that and you may as well buy a new one and not worry.
Buy a new one and "not worry"? One of the reasons the early Clackamas models are sought after is for the very fact that you don't have to worry about Series II issues.

A reasonable price range would be from $500 to $700. If you like it, buy it. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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