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Kimber Commentary: Mixing Sugar with Medicine

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I have posted pro and con remarks about Kimber in past threads. I call them as I see them and speak the truth. To give clarity to my friends here on the boards about my views towards Kimbers I would like to share the following.


I have been to two executive protection training seminars with my Kimber within the last month. The Pro CDP performed flawlessly in each session of training. Also, at each session I was the only Kimber shooter, or 1911 shooter, or .45 shooter for that matter! 95% of the other trainees were shooting Glocks in 9mm or .40.

When I asked a very egotistical and arrogant instructor why he didn't like 1911's he responded,"They are unreliable, I need something I can rely on at all times." Not more than 5 minutes later, his glock FTE's in front of us all. In fact every Glock had at least one FTF or FTE during the first training seminar. I keep watching the video of the session over and over again. The laughs never stop!

The only drawback I had was lack of ammo capacity. I have to exchange mags like a hot rod in order to keep up with the prescribed course of fire. Looking into 10 round Wilsons for the second and third exchanges to help this out.

Other Pros

I have yet to find a 1911 that looks as sharp as my Pro CDP. I have yet to find a gun that shoots as smooth.


I had a chip blow out of the barrel after around 1500 rounds. No big deal, didn't affect accuracy, but I didn't need a chip missing from the barrel either. Dennis at the custom shop took care of me very well and I got the gun back with new barrel in a heart beat's time!

I headed out to the range to fire the new barrel and the thing locked up after 50 rounds. The replaced barrel was contacting the slide excessively and cutting deep groves into the top of the barrel hood.
(I could fire the last barrel dry without any hickups) BTW: I use Tetra grease on all of my guns.

Customer Service Pro and Cons

I called Denis back at the shop and he basically accused me of not properly lubricating the gun. I ended the conversation by saying, "The gun came back worse than before it was sent". He instructed me to send it back. I asked, since the problem was due to shop error, if the shipping could be reimbursed. Dennis told me that they "never" reimburse shipping.

Gun comes back as fast as before and the barrel fits properly this time. I went to the second training session and whipped @ss again against the Glocks. Came home to find the NOTORIOUS night sight went out on the front post!

Three times within two months I had to send the gun back! I called Dennis to at least see if they could cover the shipping on the slide return. As Dennis said, that will never happen! Instead he offers to send the slide back "overnight delivery". So the slide is now in their possession.

Pros about Kimber Custom Shop:

1. Very quick repairs and returns.
2. They carry through on what they preach.

Cons on the Custom Shop:

1. "Never" is not a good policy, it leaves no room for special situations.
2. They don't take full blame when they make a mistake, that in turn costs the customer $35-$40 to ship back.

Grading on Custom Shop:

If you look at the shop in terms of willingness to repair a problem, they get a B. (Would get an A if they were tactful about it)

Evaluating the speed of repair and return, they get an A+.

I guess they justify themselves righteous with those two grades, becasue their willingness to take blame for ther own errors in the process receives an F!

Now, if Kimber would automatically replace the old and known faulty night sights for all guns sent in for any problems, then I would give them some major redemption points.

Isn't it just good business to recall faulty products?


These are the last remarks I will make about the Kimber Custom shop. I have voiced my opinions and there is no need to beat a dead horse. However, I will continue to comment on performance and reliability aspects.

I will let you all analyze this info and anticipate your responses.

If you don't mind being where you are, you are not lost.

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Well Said!!

No man is above the law and no man is below it. Nor do we ask any mans permission when we require him to obey it.

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It would also reduce total internet traffic by ~50% as Kimber's night sight difficulties are legendary on more than one forum.

Excellent post btw.

Originally posted by Gargoyle:
Now, if Kimber would automatically replace the old and known faulty night sights for all guns sent in for any problems, then I would give them some major redemption points.

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