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Last week I found, what I thought and still feel to be a tremendous deal at local gun shop. A Kimber CDP Compact "used" for $700. Looks like new! I did not have the cash on hand at the time so I placed it in layaway. Since then a friend of mine directed me to your invaluable forum. I have read up on many problems and successes shared by members. Today I went back to the the gun shop to gather more info on the weapon. I found that it is a Custom Shop series II with an EX, night sights, aluminum frame, etc.
I guess at this point, I would like to ask all of you if this purchase will be beneficial or am I looking at heartbreak after I bring it home?

I was hoping this would make an excellent CCW weapon, currently I am carrying a stainless Sig P232 w/ night sights.


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I found that it is a Custom Shop series II with an EX
If EX means EXternal extractor don't touch this with a stick!

You'll certainly find many folks who've had no problems at all with this device. Too many have.

I can go into a litany of things I don't like about the CDP, but mine with the INternal extractor was trouble free.

-- Chuck
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