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What do you oil your guns with?

Several years ago I stored my pistols in the basement for a couple of weeks. The barrels on my Stainless Ultra Carry and my Stainless Pro Carry started to develop some small rust spots. Like you, I'm meticulous about keeping them well oiled and wiping them down after handling or carrying them.

I used Rem Oil with Teflon exclusively before this. The Rem Oil did not prevent the rust. I cleaned the rust off with steel wool (I know this is a no-no, should have used a green pad) then coated the barrel in naval jelly to 'kill' the rust. I then cleaned the barrel off well with Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber and applied a good coat of Shooter's Choice FP-10 and wipe down with Birchwood Casey Sheath after handling.

The rust is gone and has not come back. I know that the Sheath and FP-10 is working because I now store the same two guns in an in-the-wall safe in my bathroom closet. The humidity in the bathroom goes up and down daily with showering.

It appears that your oil / silicone is not preventing the rust. As far as the finish on your Kimber, with use it will wear off on 'high traffic' areas and you want something that will keep these worn spots from rusting as well.

I don't have the Kimber catalog handy with the spec sheets, but I'm willing to bet that your Custom II barrel is carbon steel, just like my barrels and will need special attention.

My recommendation - use FP-10 and Sheath and forget about rust.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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