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kimber desert warrior

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hello all, there is a article on the new kimber desert warrior with that earth tone finish. Does anyone have a warrior in this finish or any other??hows the reliability? hows the finish holding up??? i have had 2 kimbers and they both were great but i do hear some stories about reliability not being so hott in kimber pistols...any feedback will be great....
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No problems so far

Had mine a couple of weeks and have put about 500 rounds through it with very few problems (maybe 3 FTEs with reloads). Finish is holding up although it's not my primary carry weapon. Definitely changing the grips to VZs and using wilson combat mags. Trigger is good and it shoots very well. Here's a photo. I like it much better than the sand colored one. You can check the post in this forum called the "illusive desert warrior" for a few other comments from other owners.


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