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Kimber Eclipse custom 11 10m target time

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OK 1st pic is after I got home and cleaned this beast. Fitting picture i think.The following targets 1 has the 1st shot, obviously the other after burning up 50 plus rounds.It was getting cranky once i was almost done(sticky feeding) from use.This 10 mm really packs a Punch! Being i own 45s i can tell a difference. Sights spot on no adjustment yet needed.Trigger very nice,holds 8 +1.Used magtech 180 grain fmj and federal american eagle 180 gr.I left my freaking hp at home dang it.Also ran armscor180 gr.It just ran perfect not 1 real problem intil it was building up carbon from well use.Just a Great 10mm and i debated among sa,even colt, before i bought it originally. Its a ka pow for sure!

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From the picture your hand looks gigantic. I thought maybe you have a miniature of a Kimber or something to that effect. I'm guessing that it's just forced perspective of the photo. I have owned a Colt Delta Elite 10mm and a Kimber Custom TLE RLII 10mm with light rail. I preferred the Kimber to the Colt because it was a better 1911 and came with standard features like the light rail, night sights, match grade trigger and match grade barrel, that the Colt Delta Elite at the same price did not. I think you'll be happy with yours. I always use Wilson Combat magazines for all of my 1911's for the best, most reliable functioning.
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