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Kimber Eclipse custom 11 10m target time

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OK 1st pic is after I got home and cleaned this beast. Fitting picture i think.The following targets 1 has the 1st shot, obviously the other after burning up 50 plus rounds.It was getting cranky once i was almost done(sticky feeding) from use.This 10 mm really packs a Punch! Being i own 45s i can tell a difference. Sights spot on no adjustment yet needed.Trigger very nice,holds 8 +1.Used magtech 180 grain fmj and federal american eagle 180 gr.I left my freaking hp at home dang it.Also ran armscor180 gr.It just ran perfect not 1 real problem intil it was building up carbon from well use.Just a Great 10mm and i debated among sa,even colt, before i bought it originally. Its a ka pow for sure!

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Yeah pinching the grip and a semi close pic probably makes my hand appear larger.I def enjoyed sun target shoot,and I find my 2 kimbers so far eat up all the ammo brands I use. The 10m is good pistol.Thx
Just for clarity my hand on my clip board i use for truck drvg.
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It's def worth pu a 10mm Comparable to the 45 in a degree with a nice kick!
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