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Originally posted by 173abn:
Why wasn't the breach face polished BEFORE it left the factory?? This is my whole point about these manufacturers. I don't recall whether it was kimber or para-ord, but I looked at some new ones yesterday and the feed ramps were not polished. Why not? Pay 6-1000 $ for a gun and they can't polish the ramp?? You all know an unpolished ramp is gonna cause you trouble. Doesn't that seem like a basic thing to do to you? It sure does to me,, IMHO
It's called "no pride in workmanship" Even the more expensive 1911s do jam, or used the "wrong" material for the frame "by mistake" or kimber does not know what material they used for your pistol. I can compare this with a brand new Corvette I bought in 1994 and it's like Deja Vu reading these posts here. There are dozens of catalog to make your Corvette run "right". You can also take your brand new 1911 to a pistol smith to make it work right.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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