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Kimber Mag Assembly/Disassembly

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I took my stock mag apart to clean it and was not thinking about the spring tension whiloe doing this. As you can guess the spring went flying. Now my question is which way does the spring go back in the mag? One end has a partial coil that is looped around. The other end is just a point no curve on the end of the coil.
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The last loop on the "top end" of the spring is shorter than the rest and will fit into the little "hook" on the bottom of the follower. Take a look at the spring and follower together and you will see it.

Assemble it as described and push the follower down into the mag with your bushing wrench, it's a perfect fit. Then, run an allen wrench through one of the witness holes in the mag to prevent the spring from extending. That will allow you to remove the bushing wrench. Then pull the allen wrench out while holding one hand over the top of the mag to prevent escape. That should do it.
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