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Kimber or GLOCK

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I would like to purchase a firearm to carry concealed. My two favorites are the Kimber Ultra Carry in 40 S&W or the GLOCK in 357 SIG. I need pros and cons of each please.
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Choosing a sidearm for concealed carry is a personal matter. A quick way to get discouraged is to follow someone else's advice only to end up having something that doesn't work for you at all. We're all built differently and we all have different dress codes.

In my case, there's currently three sidearms in my CCW battery. I'm good with all of them and have decent leather to carry them in. The daily dress code is a major factor in which gun gets plucked from the safe in the morning. Another factor is what's on my agenda for the day. One gun is simply not enough for proper concealed carry.

Aquire a least three utterly reliable CCW guns. One large, one medium, and one very compact. Don't go overboard with the large one (Desert Eagle) and don't get carried away with the compact (.22 short). Use common sense and stay at or above 9mm Luger/.38 Spec. Some can and do use only one weapon for year round, daily carry and that's fine. I just never went that route.

Get what works for you and put it in good leather. Then practice, practice, practice. You may be one of those rare people that uses the same gun for everything. But what of a backup?

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Thanks for the headzup regarding the recalls, er "updates". I'm going over there to check and see if my serial number range is affected. By the way, that was a neat little rant.

If it isn't a Colt, it's just a copy.... Right?
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