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Kimber or GLOCK

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I would like to purchase a firearm to carry concealed. My two favorites are the Kimber Ultra Carry in 40 S&W or the GLOCK in 357 SIG. I need pros and cons of each please.
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You ask between a 1911 and a glock on 1911forum?

What do you think you're going to hear? Ask the same question on glocktalk.com and see what the answer is.

The answer is they are both terrific guns, each with some PERCEIVED advantages and disadvantages, based on the bias of the person expressing their opinion.

My 2 cents, I have a beautiful Baer Premier II which I shoot very well. I think it's a fabulous gun. I carry a glock 19, and feel it's more than sufficent for CCW. Why the G19? I practice more with it (9mm Wolf ammo is dirt cheap), it's lighter, and I have 33 rounds with a 15 round mag and a 17 round spare... I've had zero malfunctions, and have over 8k rounds through it.

Either is great, don't be fooled into thinking one is "better" than the other...

Get both! Why can't you enjoy blondes and brunettes?

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