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Hi. In a local gunshop, I found a Kimber Custom Classic, pre-series II.
The serial number is in the 75xxxx range (or 075xxx). The asking price
is $519.

The intent for this gun is to pair it with my existing Customer Classic pre-series II which is in the 056xxx.

My concern is this: It looks beautiful, like 1000 rnds or less have been
through. The finish of the slide is a beautiful unworn black. The frame,
is almost as good, with some speckling. Slide and Frame appear to match
in serial number (ie the hand engraved number on the slide matches the frame).

However, the ware on the thumb safty is noticable. It looks like holster ware, but the rest of the pistol is almost pristine. The specking on the frame also
concerns me, because it looks more like unapplied paint that finish ware.

The barrel looks to be in excellent shape as does the slide rod (almost new to my eye).

The shop isn't disreputable, but it is really a pawn shop and is not an offical dealer for any weapons.

Also, the slide, under the ejection port is marked "Custom" instead of "Custom Classic".

The trigger was shinney and the hammer appears to be stock.

My questions are this:

1. Does the above sound like it was prehaps refinished?

2. What other things should I look for? They let me take it apart
for further inspection.

3. Other insight/options/opinons on weather I should proceed or pass?

Overall, I want this as a spare IDPA gun and I wouldn't have to spend any money on the Springfield Custom Loaded I had purchased for this purpose
which needs trigger work bad.
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