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Kimber Pro CDP or hold out for a Wilson QCB?

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Is the Wilson QCB really worth almost twice the price of the Kimber Pro CDP? I can see from the construction and finish that the Wilson is a much nicerer gun, but is it worth 2x the price of the Kimber? Also are the following prices in line:
Kimber Pro CDP $940
Wilson QCB $1800


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I'm sure the Wilson is worth it, but is it worth the $800 in ammo you could use to make the Kimber second nature? You might look at the Gunsite GSP2000. It runs about $100 more than the Pro CDP and it's FS instead of Commander. I had the choice of waiting or picking up the Pro. I went with the pro and bought $100 of Federal 230HS to practice with since that'll be the defensive choice for this pistol...e
I have the same dilemma as yours between my Custom CDP on trading it for a FS Wilson CQB. I had my eye on one a month ago, saw and fondled the same one at three gun shows I went to. IMHO, it is worth it on all aspects. The only reason I did not go for it yet is I have decided to keep my Kimber and just save up money for the CQB purchase.

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I paid $899 for my Pro CDP which was the cheapest I'd seen anywhere. A different dealer at the same show told me that the dealer I bought it from made about $50 on the sale. I have no idea how much the markup is on a Wilson, but $940 probably gives your dealer around a $100 profit (or about a 10% markup) which sounds pretty reasonable if he's a stocking dealer.

My Pro CDP is accurate as hell, light, and well worth the money I spent on it. However, if you are the type of person that
thinks a Porsche 911 is worth the price premium compared to an Audi TT, you'd probably be happier with the Wilson over the Kimber.
Not exactly on point to your question, but I have a Kimber Ultra Carry CDP and a Les Baer Concept VII. I paid a lot more for the Baer. Personally, I am not good enough to tell much difference. They are both great to shoot. The Baer is more accurate, but I feel well protected carrying my Kimber. I have never had a lick of trouble with either. Is the Baer (or Wilson) really worth the extra money? Based on my experience the answer is probably no. If you are like me, a recreational shooter and someone who wants a good reliable defense weapon, I doubt you will be able to tell a great deal of difference. If you want the Wilson, I would suggest you suck it up on the expense and get it. I find it is better to take the pain and get what you want than to "settle" for second best and wish you had gotten the other. That being said, you could do a whole lot worse than "settling" for a Kimber.
I love my Ultra CDP and I've also got a CQB compact. Owning the two I don't see that I got twice the gun for twice the price. I'm as accurate as I care to be. I have no doubt that I can do what I need to do with the CDP. I hit COM with double and triple taps and have confidence in my ability. The CQB hasn't improved my ability.

If I had purchased the CDP first I doubt I would get the CQB. As it turns out I got the CQB first and thought the Ultra CDP would be nice for carry when I'll be out all day and the light wieght is preferred. Now I carry the CDP ALL THE TIME. Spend your money as you wish
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