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Kimber Pro Shadow II vs. Springfield Armrory Loaded Lightweight

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I picked up a used Kimber Pro Shadow II last month and last week saw an add for the Springfield Armrory Loaded Lightweight Champion in olive drab. The looks of the Springfield had me hooked. I picked one up and compared them today at the range. I fired Wnchester 230 grain ball using Wilson 47D magazines. I was shooting at my 4" spinner target. I fired a couple of magazines through the Springfield to get used to the feel of the trigger and where the sights were set. After around 100 rounds split between the 2 pistols it became clear I could shoot the Kimber easier and more accurately. The Kimber has a lighter trigger and the sights are dead on for the way I am used to shooting. I was a little disappointed because the Springfield is such a nice looking pistol and the idea of having a second Commander size pistol really appealed to me. Admittedly the Springfield would be smoother after another 1,000 rounds or so, but I already have a reliable, accurate, easy to shoot commander sie pistol. I guess if the pistol needs refinishing I can get the Kimber done in olive drab. Think I will let the Springfiled go and keep the Kimber.
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I reallly like my KPSIILE too!

I bought a Pro Shadow new when they came out X years ago. I think that it is an ideal CCW blaster. I have flirted with a Colt's LW Commander, a Colt's Concealed Carry Officer's, and a Springfield BiTone LW 5" 1911 pattern pistol. The Kimber was ready to go out of the box, and is stock, except for the stocks.

Kimber also made an Ultra Shadow II. If didn't do much for me, but I'd have taken a hard look at a Custom Shadow or a Compact Shadow, had Kimber made them.

Enjoy your new blaster, and good shooting!
:) :) :) :)
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