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No, but it's 'attorney-safe' if you're a mfr. Well, maybe not - nothing really ever is.

But it shows intent on the mfr's part (Kimber in this case) &, like the new Springfield mainspring lock, will give them more to work with in court. At least that's what their legal counsel told 'em. I wasn't there, didn't have to be to recognize a lawyer-inspired mod.

We all lose with s**t like this. A good design gets more complicated (more parts to break). The changes could actually _prevent_ a firearm from working when needed. But the mfr CYA'd & would say 'We were trying to make it safer.' Which old law enforcemetn guy said something like, 'Hell yes, this gun is dangerous, sonny. If it weren't I wouldn't be carryn' it.'

Clearly a victory for the anti-gun faction, cause a mfr has taken action in anticipation of having to defend themselves in court. Down this road lies 'smart' guns and other hi-tech solutions to an unreal problem.

I've spent the last 17 years making a living with micro-computers: NO WAY am I going to purchase or consider for one second a firearm with any microelectronics. The new Remington Etronix or whatever it's called: Nope, nada, nohow. Give me a Tinney trigger on a Mauser action. If the lock time is slower, it's still better than 1) having the 9V batt go away 2) The rifle TURNS OFF after 15 minutes. What, now a deer knows to show up on time? 3) The government turns off your E-lec-tronic firearm. Except on a range, on certain days of the week, not during civil unrest, etc. etc. etc.

Sorry for the rant. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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