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For anyone that cares, I wanted to update ya'll on my Kimber Tac. Ultra that went back to them about 2 weeks ago.

I spoke with John at the Custom Shop just a few min. ago.

He said that the Barrel Ramp was a bit tight to they reamed it and polished the rest of the assembly, also they did find the External extractor was Erratic, they replaced it and it is sheduled to shoot later this week. if it passes it will be sent back to my dealer. then I'll put a hundred Rounds through it and see if it works a 100%

I did not ask about getting an internal extractor side fitted to the gun, I'll cross that bridge soon if I have too.

John the gent I spoke with was very helpful and rather up beat. He did say if there were any other problems they would gladly pay for shipping back to them. I did not ask for any other consessions like free magizines etc. I will just be happy to get my gun back and have it work a 100%

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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