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Originally posted by Tupperware:
Kimber vs. Springfield is not a valid comparison. It should be Springfield vs. Charles Daly. Springfield is not in the same league as Kimber, IMO.
I own both. Buy the Kimber, you won't be sorry.
I wouldn't be so certain....see the other thread here about Kimbers Service.

I've owned both a Kimber (Classic) and Springfield (Loaded) and I'd take the Springfield over the Kimber from a quality standpoint. I first got the Kimber and started shooting IPSC Limited with it (back before Limited 10) and then got the Springfield and started Limited 10. The Springfield is more reliable and seems to be more accurate.

Regarding warranty issues, I later found that the sear on my Springfield was cut slightly at an angle. I contacted Springfield about his and expressed my delima (was trying to get classified in Limited 10 before a large area match and really couldn't afford to be without the pistol. Springfield sent me a new sear AND hammer that were EDM parts (not the MIM parts they normally use) and sent them over night air. I installed the parts and later had a gunsmith clean up to the trigger to break at 2lbs for competition.

Springfield definatly wins the debate of "which is better" in my book!
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