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Yeah, what Tupperware said...

I also have a Kimber stainless Pro series pistol and a stainless Springfield loaded Champion. I prefer the 4 inchers myself.

I'm right handed and from my experience, when I grip the pistol with the strong hand thumb on the thumb safety (the way you're supposed to), the Kimber thumb safety clicks off with a positive snap and stops rock solid. The Springfield snaps off ok, but doesn't have a solid stop. It's kinda mushy feeling.

Kimber did the thumb safety right. Springfield didn't.

I prefer Kimber's smooth grip safety over Springfields bump/hump or whatever it's called. I don't need the bump wearing a hole in my palm. YMMV

Like Tupperware said, with the Kimber, you can get a higher grip. To me that means a better feel in my hand and better control of recoil.

They are both good pistols.
Guess it depends on what you want to use it for...

I use the Springfield to plink but I rely on the Kimber as my carry pistol.

Bottom line?

I say get both. You know you'll eventually end up with several anyway. Start with the Springfield one for now. That way you can justify your later Kimber purchase as an "upgrade".
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