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Kirkpatrick Leather Holsters

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Hi I have been looking at their Texas Strong Side holster, double mag pouch ,and matching belt for $119.00 delivered. Their delivery time is only two weeks for a hand made 3 piece set. Does anyone have knowledge of their products? What is the quality like?
I have one of Mr Alessi's holsters and it is tops. Does the Kirkpatrick leather even come close?
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* Sight rail is molded instead of stitched.
* Mags face opposite directions in double pouch, makes muscle memory a challenge during drills.
* Concealment is a bitch.

* Good, heavy leather.
* All edges burnished, very attractive finish.
* Durable and long-lasting.

All in all, average at best. I'd spend some extra bucks and get Sparks.


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I use their leather and have liked it alot. Good quality, fast service, good overall value.

My only complaint is that, until recently, you could get Mike Kirkpatrick on the phone or via email and really get your questions answered. I recently had him promise to get back to me on something, which he never did, even though I sent him a reminder email after our phone conversation.

I rack this up to their recently very strong push on the Cowboy shooting side of their business. I think they're simply making too much money on selling $300-$500+ per rig to spend alot of time talking to 1911 fans about a $55 Texas Strong Side holster.
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