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Got a chance to take my new Kobra Carry to the range today.

I just purchased this beauty yesterday (drove to Perry, MO and picked it up at the Ed Brown facility), and affixed the slip fit rear sight in ~30 rounds yesterday afternoon, so today was my 1st chance to take it dancing...

Since it was fired yesterday afternoon, I broke it down last night for cleaning, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to disassemble; no tools or straining required :) When I was making arrangements to purchase this, I asked Karri Brown to pick me out a good one, I guess she did.

I could find absolutely no tool marks whatsoever on the inside, which exhibited a finish a lot of other 1911's would be jealous of on the outside.

Today, I put 200 rounds down range, and the KC was flawless; no malfunctions at all. I used the Ed Brown magazine that came with it, and a couple of Wilson 47Ds with a mixture of Federal 230 grain FMJs and WInchester 230 grain JHPs.

I'm not an expert shot by any stretch of the imagination, but man, can this thing shoot!

The following picture represents four 7 round magazines at 15 yards shot freehand.

The grips are AlumaGrips I put on 15 minutes after bringing it home.

My plan is to start shooting IDPA with this, and see how long it takes me to get good...

This is some of the best money I have ever spent, thanks Ed.


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