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Just bought two of them 10 round version with 9 rounds conversion.

With the 9 round conv. it looks just like a normal extended mag.

With the 10 round, the base is as big as the whole grip. It makes for a special look of an "extended" grip. Not sure I like it...

One of them works flawlessly.
The other one, trigger fails to reset before the last shot and slide don't lock back.
The slide locks back if I rack slide manually on empty mag (but not if I rack manually with live ammo).
Probably the last round push the whole body of the mag toward the right side because of an incorrect shaped follower thus not engaging slide lock and putting friction on trigger bow.

I changed the follower with one of my other mag (GI) and problem went away.

So out of two, I have only one that works.
Maybe i'll order a follower of some sort or keep only one and not use the other one.

BTW --- follower is plastic :rolleyes:
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