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Kydex holster for IDPA?

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I've been shooting IDPA with my duty rig. I want to start shooting with my Kimber Custom and Para Ord P16-40 Limited. Both have 5" barrels. I'm interested in the Kydex holsters in either paddle or belt slide style. I want a holster that will completely cover the barrel end of the gun to protect it from damage. I'm strongly considering Blade-Tec and Ky-Tac. Any advice on Kydex holsters would be appreciated. Pros and cons of both paddle and belt slide, brands, models, lined vs. unlined, etc. I'm new to the world of Kydex and am looking for real world input from shooters with knowledge. By the way, this is a great site with great members. I have learned extensively already. Thank You for a place where like minded people can get together to share ideas.

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Ky-Tac hands down beats all the other Kydex out there. You best bet for finding Dave’s stuff is to try Joe at http://www.skdtac.com

The Ky-Tac Sooper Hooper, as in all the hoops IDPA made Dave jump through for approval, is a great holster.

Good luck to you.

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Thanks for the input. I ordered a SooperHooper and it should be here in a few days. Looking forward to putting it to work on the IDPA range.
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