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Today it arrived as promised a Series 70 Big letter Colt govt'model.This pistol was new in the box unfired and was waiting to be customized for years ,The problem was finding the right guy for the job customizing a Colt takes real talent they are full of little quirks cosmetically and mechanically.I even conteplated doing it myself but I wanted this one to be special from a guy who is at the top of the heap and in my opinion simply the best at traditional handwork period.The word on the street in the industry was the guy im looking for was Larry Vickers. After couple of phone conversations I knew that I had found the Swenson of our time. Opening the box there she was I have to admit I am hard to impress but this pistol was finest pistol I have ever laid hands on period.The parkerizing and walnut grips that Larry selected was absolutely beautiful it reminded me of my fathers pre-64 M-70 Winchesters,the fit and finish was above reproach the action cycled smoothly and the lock up was superb.Here is the list of details.
Lissner/Vickers barrel
25lpi metalsmith checkering 100%perfect
Brown beavertail
McCormick thumb safety
Wilson ultralight hammer
Videcki short trigger
full detail package
full bevel package
Heinie sights/Novak cut rear
Novak front
Lowered ejection port (Vickers profile)
beveled magwell (Vickers profile)
Frame to slide fit
Black Parkerizing
and the best part of all an honest down to earth straightforward guy who has real world experience to apply to his trade.Thank you Larry Vickers Guys get on his list and do it now OCG1911.
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WOW! I am envious. Enjoy that wonderful pistol. If your safe ever get's too crowded, I'll keep it for you.

Billy Ray

Sounds beautiful...
Congrats, I am on his wait list. 2 1/2 years and counting.

Please give us a range report and pics if possible.

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything."
-Alexander Hamilton
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Congrats on a nice pistol. Pictures? Cost?
Please Ocg...don't leave us in the dark anymore...can you post some pictures....

pretty please
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Guys I will try my brother is coming this weekend with a digital camera hopefully soon. Thanks OCG1911

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The barrel is non- ramped and the crown is really unique. OCG1911
Thats what I want a truly custom pistol, although the American Handgunner article quoted $3880.00 plus the gun,.. I have to save up for awhile.. I do believe you bought the best.
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