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Lady's Holster

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Hi Guys:

Thanks for all of the advice about the small 1911 for carrying. Now comes the next big question: How to carry it in states where that is legal?

Guys are nice and square so they have lots of holster options. Women are more curvey so some holsters just don't work as well. For example, IWB holsters get pushed out by my hips. This causes the grip to dig in and the draw stroke becomes difficult.

There is also the question of dressing. We tend to wear thinner fabrics that are tighter cut than men do.

So what style do you recommend with say casual slacks to carry an officer's model or a compact? What about with a dress? Any makers you would recommend or that should be avoided like the plague?

Any women on the board? What works well for you?

Thanks again.

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I beleive Fist makes ladies holsters and Kramer, The fist site has photos of ladies
wearing the holsters, hope this helps,
also Pistolsmith.com has a ladies section.
if you know who Paxton Quigley (progun author) she has designed holster for women, the new one is a Bra Holster -- might want to check it out
dont know if she has a website or not, should be easy to find on the net

found it -- http://www.defend-net.com/paxton/
PRK -the crap may start here but does NOT End here --BP45

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Hopefully some of the ladies will wade in with some real advice, but until then...

I wouldn't recommend "off-body" carry - purse, shoulder bag, back pack, fanny pack, Day timers, etc. Too, too often, one good bumb and a jerk and it's gone - or in an office or informal social situation they get set down and attention lapses. If you're pretty anal about where your purse is, that may be an option. Beyond that I'll give my (admittedly uninformed) opinion about options for on body carry.

As mentioned some makers market belt holsters designed form women. How well these work I do not know. The pictures I see would seem to require rather loose covering garments in a fairly heavy fabric.

For women who wear skirts I've seen thigh holsters advertised (worn inside the thigh on the off side). While these might work and would certainly be concealable, even the baby .45s slip pretty close to 2 pounds loaded, and I can't believe that that would be comfortable - or even something that someone would want to get used to.

The bra holsters I've heard about (including their cousin, the "undershirt" holster) would seem suitable for lightweight j-frames or smaller. Again, unless you're one of the ex-athletes from East Germany, I'd think the baby .45s would be a bit too heavy to make those practical.

For a belt holster that would be reasonably concealable with an over garment, I understand that cross draws work much better for women than they do for men as a concealment holster.

Otherwise, I'd suggest trying one or more of the belly band type of holsters. With light dress I suspect this might be your best bet for "on body" carry. Some work better than others, so I hope some of the ladies here who have had experience will weigh in with recommendations. While they are called "belly bands", they can also be worn higher on the body (on the rib cage).

Shoulder holsters (of proper design) can be more concealable for women than for men. Still - a two pound lump of metal requires a pretty substantive cover garment (do-able in rather formal business attire or in the cool season).

The advantage of cross draw, shoulder holsters and belly bands for women is - as I understand it - when properly designed, they can take advantage of the curves that women have that men don't.

I hope you'll get some good feed back from female members and I'll be really interested in their expertise.

Good luck.

Jim Fox
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I would think a shoulder holster would be best. Unfortunately, you would need at least a loose vest or jacket. Fortunately society thinks women wear vests or jackets to be fashionable. Since no men are truely fashionable, we just look cold or like gun toters. That's ok until it is about 90 degrees out.
Blade Tech make a kydex holster that is offset from the body that is supposed to work well for ladies.
Blue Angel.....As a woman and a gun carrier you have but one choice and it is the same choice that men who carry have....you have to dress to the gun. Tight pants and skimmpy tops look great but are not 1911 compatable. You might be able to hide a KelTec .32 but even the smallest 1911 will make you look like you have a groath if you have any kind of figure at all. Most of the women who carry guns that I know have gone to wearing vests. No not the "Ranger" type that scream "GUN" but the fashionable kind that many women wear. The "Small of the Back" holster does well with some women as do some to the very light weight "Speed Scabards". Would also invest in a small second gun for when you just can't carry. Several of the ladies who I shoot with have bought the KelTec .32. At 9 oz. loaded and with it's belt clip there isn't much of anywhere you can't hide it.....Bob
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Crossdraw - worn just in front of the weak-side hip. Accessible on foot or sitting (like in your car), and for the most part won't get in the way of regular activity.
Blue Angel, RJM is correct about dressing to the piece.

As for quality ladies holsters; try Aker Leather, DeSantis, Kramer, or in concealex/kydex it has to be Blade-Tech.
My wife is a carrier of a 1911, OM and has tried all of these and the work well.

Steer clear if SOB holsters as the chance of injury is high. There are numerous horror stories of folks that have fallen on their piece and fractured the spinous process of the vertebrea.

Of body carry, there are many quality purses available. A good fanny pack, Eagle or Blackhawk come to mind.

An often overlooked piece of the equation: a GOOD PISTOL belt. Not a good leather belt, there is a vast difference. A pistol belt is generally two ply leather, or high grade ballistic nylon rigging. Check out Gunsite's webpage gunsite.com, again makers like Aker, Kramer, etc. If you wear a crappy belt, all is moot.

Good luck.
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