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Here's some stocking stuffers;

Wilson combats owners manual. This is available from Wilson.
Tell them you want the Booklet that they ship with their guns.
It cost alittle over $10 and has lots of good info for 1911's.
Maintaince, even reloading.

Brownell's Gift Certificate and Catalog. The pandora's box for gun parts and accessories. I drop $100 every time they ship me a new catalog. It's that good.

Gun Cleaning Kits. It's amazing how many shooters I talk to do little to no cleaning when they get back from the range.
Gunsmiths make a ton of money each year on neglected guns.
Most only need a good cleaning.
These kits are available through, Brownells,Midway Usa, and your local sporting good stores. Make sure you by it for the correct caliber.
And to all the people reading this a saying Yea, I got that, When was the last time you changed your Bore brushes? Yes they wear out!

Ammo, always needed, By the box or by the case. Most shooters can always use some. MidWay Usa or Natchez shooting supply for online buying.

How about a gift Certificate at your local Range? This would get the Lazy people off the couch and out shooting!

To all the Members of the 1911 forum and their families have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year:D
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