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Late Christmas Present

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Got a late Christman present yesterday, a Kimber Pro-Carry HD in .38 Super. Took it to the range, and put 50 rounds thru it, with no problems. Really a great shootin' pistol.

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Hey nice Kimber, it's kinda rare to see one in 38 super. What's your purpose for it, just to shoot or just wanted it?

I had a .38 Super a while back that I sold, and always regretted. I shoot a few IDPA matches every year, and wanted to try something different, so I got a Kimber .38 Super, and then later a Glock in.45 GAP. I sold the Kimber to a buddy who fell in love with it, and I've kicked myself in the butt ever since.
The .38 Super is a great round, easy to reload, more powerful, and more accurate than the 9mm.
So I ended up getting myself one this Christmas. Put another 250rds thru it today without a hicup, and the accuracy is really good.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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