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I posted a while back about some rather rude and unprofessional e-mails I had received from GunsAmerica. I had stated that I wasn't trying to discourage using GA, but was basically warning others that they might get treated similarly. Due to the following, I have changed my mind and I feel that I can in no way recommend using GA now.

I received an automated e-mail from GA (it presumably went out to all members) that gave some info on updates to their site and also included the following:

As many of you noticed, we got way behind with updating the payments
to the database. This has turned into an terrible bottleneck
because of all the people who don't follow directions and don't
include the gun number with their payment. The result is that people
who *do* follow directions end up getting overdue invoice notices because
we are so far behind.

Even worse are people who have refused to read emails from us showing how
to clear invoices. Most likely they won't read this either and will continue
to plague us. Some have even gone to the trouble of sending a registered
letter rather than just take 10 seconds to read the directions.
PLEASE!!! Do not send us photocopied checks, bank statements, credit card

I am not an idiot, and I surmise that many of "all the people who don't follow instructions" are not either. Perhaps your instructions are confusing or lacking in clarity GA? If there are so many people doing this, perhaps it would be better to revamp your flawed system than blame your customers, and then have the gall to e-mail them all to let them know it's their fault. Unbelievable!

Also if people are going to all the trouble of actually using registered mail to contact you, it is probably because the system that you have in place now has failed them and that is their only recourse. And, holy s--t! If I ever heard an employee refer to customers who have questions, concerns, or problems clearing up their account as "a plague" I'd instruct them to make sure the door didn't hit em' on the way out!

BTW thanks, sousana for the info you posted in the other thread. The last name "Helinski" listed in your post is the same one as the guy who sent the above e-mails. I have not contacted Paul Helinski because in all liklihood he would simply side with his relative and do nothing about the issue.

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