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TheGrinch, my department qualifies 8 times (8 months) each year.

One shoot is the standard department 25 yard course for qualifications.

One shoot is our yearly shotgun qualification course, preceeded by two 50 yard PPC run throughs.

One shoot is our yearly qualification night shoot.

Our five other shoots consist of whatever the firearms instructor desires (me). This usually consists of combat, or even fun, type shooting, stressing movement, cover, reloading, speed, and accuracy. We have employed pepper poppers, balloons, bowling pins, and steel plates into these shoots. We have also mixed it up to include the handgun, along with the department Remingtons 870's and M16's/MP5's.

About 5 years ago we changed to what the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board was shooting at the Academy at that time, which was a standard 48 round 25 yard course of fire. I was concerned at that time that totally eliminating the 50 yard line stage would hamper our marksmanship at closer ranges. Good shooters can "cheat", or slap the trigger at the 25 yard line and still obtain possible (perfect) scores on the 25 yard course. My concern was the average, or below average shooter. Indeed my concerns have proven correct. At one time, throwing a round out of the 9 ring at the 25 yard line on a B-27 target would have been unacceptable for most shooters. At the 25 yard line everyone should have a perfect score. We have found that only shooting up close, officers are beginning to throw shots out of the 9 ring at the 25 yard line, which in my opinion shows a total lack of understanding of the handgunning basics, such as grip, breathing, trigger control, etc. That is why we have thrown in a couple of 50 yard PPC courses again. Weaknesses in a shooter definitely show up at 50 yards more so than 3,7,15,and 25. The young guys like it, it reinforces the basics of shooting, and our scores should go up on the 25 yard course. I agree that speed coupled with accuracy is probably the most important aspect of handgunning (along with mindset), but hopefully throwing in a dose of target shooting will make our younger officers better all around marksman. So right now I feel we have a very good mix of all aspects of LE handgunning.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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