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Try comparing the specifications in the two guns when you compare the difference in cost.
There are differences in the two guns which differ base cost.

Baer Stinger. Catalog shows no night sights

Wilson Compact. Trijicon insert in the 463T sights.

Baer Stinger. Royal Blue finish. Cosmetically better in my opinion. No corrosion protection and not so forgiving if you are lazy on lubrication.

Wilson Compact. Armortuff finish. Not as good looking as a royal blue but more practical for carry. Excellent corrosion protection and great if you are lazy and do not clean your gun when you get off work. Armortuff does wear but you put a blued gun in a holster a couple of thousand times, carry it in the elements and you will definetely understand and see the difference.

Baer tool steel parts.

Wilson MIM parts.

I have heard stories on MIM on the Kimber guns but never on a Wilson but tool steel costs more than MIM to make.

Baer flat serrated mainspring housing

Wilson 30 LPI checkered mainspring housing.

Again what costs more, 30 LPI, I would say.

Baer Commander (4 3/8 in I believe) slide and bushing Kart Carbon Steel Barrel. Great and long proven history of reliability and accuracy.

Wilson. 4 inch compact with at Wilson stainless steel matchgrade barrel. Great and a long proven history of reliability and accuracy.

There are other differences that account for the money differences.

The "devil is in the details."

Each gun fits a need and want. Each has a great reputation. Find the details that fit your specific needs and go for it.

Be safe and keep the brass flying

Terry Peters

Do your research but you get what you pay for front end or back end.

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