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LDA 14-45 experience.

Gun was purchased new, consider the fit and finish to be in line with the others that I have seen.

The LDA 14-45 now has approx. 500 rounds through it. Mostly fiocchi 230gr. FMJ, w/ limited feed trials 230 gr. Hydrashok.(30 or so)

The gun was not fully cleaned and disassembled until 500 rounds were shot. As my range time was limited to 50-100 rnds at a session, only the barrel (bore snake) and accessible areas were cleaned prior to disassembly between range sessions.

Using the factory 10 rnd mag, I had 1 failure to feed with the fiocchi, it was the first round in the mag, went nose up and jammed. Not sure why it happened, but later observed that the feed ramp was really dirty. I might have not inserted the round all the way either. It happened in the 200-300 range, after that I made sure that the feed ramp shined after range trips. 0 problems with the Hydrashoks.

I also have a Mec-Gar blue 10-rnd mag and it feeds fine but will not reliably hold the slide/bolt back on the last shot. Any suggestions or remedies are appreciated on this one. When the mag is empty it will always hold the slide back when cocked.

It took me 400 rounds to develop my grip style and appropriate grip force. I changed to the Hogue grips and wouldn't go back. I still need practice but accuracy has improved greatly. When shots are taken slow and concentrated, I have surprised myself with many bullseyes. Ah, rapid fire still needs some work, the recoil just takes it toll. The guy on the video is too good!!! Makes me look pathetic ;-) Oh, well I am a newbie.

The trigger is nice but not the same as a well tuned SA wheel gun. For my purposes it's sufficient and very smooth to the point of resistance. I haven't noticed any appreciable break in on the trigger as of now. At first the trigger weight did seem excessive, I've gotten use to it at this point. Trade off of extra safety to some lost performance.

When fully disassembled and cleaned, it was dirty. Went thru alot of patches and brite bore to mop it all up. One thing I noticed was that the barrel inside has some orange discoloration when looked at with direct sunlight. I don't think it is rust as it's been oiled between trials and no other surfaces have that color. Is it from the fiocchi FMJ??? Any clues appreciated. I have some S&B to try next but haven't had any range time. Personally I liked the fiocchi.

Overall the gun has met my high expectations and I consider it reliable. Any and all comments are appreciated.


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TKG, Sounds like you are doing well. Congratulations. I found that the PO barrel on my LDA had broach marks from the cutting tool that placed the rifling in the barrel... this is common I understand and not a quality control probelm with PO... so be it. I had the barrel in my LDA 14.45 replaced by Evolution Gun Works (EGW) in Doylestown, PA ( www.egw-guns.com )with one of their barrels. EGW also worked the double action so it is smoother than silk and installed a Bomar LoMount rear adjustable sight and one of their dovetail front sights.

Got the pistol back after winter set in and have had it out only once... last weekend. Dispite the cold it shot like a charm. Using LSWC 200 grain H&G #68 bullets it placed 10 rounds from the bench at 25 yards into this 1 13/16" group.

You should have lots of good shooting with your pistol... Good luck to you.

If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That's ridiculous. If I have a gun, what in the hell do I have to be paranoid about? (Clint Smith)
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